Workshop Slides - this workshop was held for OTF Summer Program 2011 and will provide ABEL attendees with some more resources:

Wouldn't your students like to do this?

Watch this wonderful example of stop frame animation from a group of Grade 8 students (music written, performed and produced by students).

Here's a Grade 4 submission from first time digital storytellers:

Examples of Other Student/Teacher Created Digital Stories:

Digital Storytelling Experts....Learn from them!

  1. Ontario Educator Kent Manning is doing some great work with teachers and students around digital storytelling
  2. Bernajean Porter's Gorgeous Site to help you get started with Digital Storytelling
  3. Check out David Jakes' site for great Digital Storytelling resources
  4. Jason Ohler
  5. digitalstorytelling.htm A great teacher resource, especially with .pdf files that are very useful for work with your students
  6. - probably the best overall site I've found for teacher resources, especially his first hand experience about how to introduce and conduct DS projects with Grade 7's and 8's
  7. An excellent tutorial about the 7 elements of Digital Stories
  8. What Kids Can Do
  9. Five Card Flickr Game
  10. Alan Levine (@cogdog) 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story

Helpful Handouts

Claymation Making_Claymation_in_the_Classroom.pdf
Digital_Storytelling_Workshop_Manual.pdf Alan Engle, Innovative Teaching Concepts
Tips and Resources.pdf
VPS.pdf Visual Portrait of a story - Jason Ohler
SevenElements.pdf Centre for Digital Storytelling
Take Six copy.pdf Elements of a Good Story - Bernajean Porter
Adobe Youth Voices Essentials - Adobe Youth Voices Essentials is a set of open curricula and resources for educators.
Chroma Key with Frames 4 recipes_365001.pdf


storyboard.pdf- Storyboard pdf that you can download
Storyboard1 for Comic Life.pdf
Story Boarding Template.pdf
qapec.pdf Persuasive Storytelling Framework - Courtesy of Kent Manning

Using other sound editing software

Sometimes you might want to use Audacity an open-source software that allows students to record and edit their stories before adding the audio to Frames 4
Watch a 15 minute screencast tutorial to learn how to use Audacity from Tony Vincent:

Here is a great website for help with Audacity
How to record Audacity - Record HO.pdf
How to edit recordings Audacity EdTech - Editing HO.pdf
How to clean up noise in a recording Noise Removal HO.pdf
More online tutorials about Audacity
How to download and install the Lame Encoder

Need a sound booth for recording? Here's one idea for a DIY version: